WTF, somehow I actually managed to fixed my heater on my own. I’m truly convinced that it’s dangerous to leave a man with a screwdriver and a wrench to his own devices.


At what point is human’s life is lesser than your ideology?

They were expecting to go home and see their families, friends, and tell about their day. And yet, they couldn’t.

What have we become?

Nothing but self centric lifeforms that believe that our belief is right?

When the world is against us, shouldn’t we strive to help those who are in need instead of directing our irrational hatred towards others?


IMG_0053Original: 88,26 euro.  This (Used, but like new): 2,24 euro. Thus, I saved around 97,5%. One of the few books that I need to read and understand inside out within the next 6 – 12 months.