Chicken Cacciatore



Chicken Cacciatore is actually chicken with hunter sauce (Cacciatore = hunter in italian), as in prepared in hunter style.


  1. Chicken breast
  2. Olive oil
  3. Salt & Pepper
  4. Yellow onion, cut into rings
  5. Garlic, minced
  6. Tomato, quartered
  7. Bell peppers
  8. Carrots
  9. Tomato paste
  10. Oregano
  11. Rosemary
  12. Red pepper
  13. Chicken broth
  14. Red wine


  1. First season the chicken with salt and pepper
  2. Heat up olive oil in the pan, and start browning the chicken
  3. Remove the chicken from the pan, then add the onion, garlic and carrot into it, and start browning them
  4. We are going to deglaze the whole thing, so start off by adding tomato paste, mix it, and then pour in the red wine
  5. Add in the bell peppers, tomatoes, oregano, and rosemary
  6. Place back the chicken into the pan and pour in the chicken broth
  7. Let it simmer till the chicken is done, and the sauce thickens
  8. Serve !

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