Deep Fried Chicken Heart



or it should be called “Artery Clogger” or “Harbinger of Apoplexy” or maybe “Angina Lover”. Well, not the last one, it just sounds dirty.

Anyway, this is high cholesterol food, because not only it’s deep fried, it is also chicken heart which contains high cholesterol. But the taste is flexible, depending on what you mix into the flour and it’s crispy, tasty, even after it’s cold.

Since it’s deep fried, and it’s unhealthy, probably it’s not a good idea to eat it too often. Treat it as a guilty pleasure.


  1. Chicken hearts
  2. Curry powder, 1 tbs
  3. Salt, 1/2 tbs
  4. Pepper (doesn’t matter whether it’s black or white), 1/2 tbs
  5. Egg, 1
  6. Garlic powder, 1/2 tbs
  7. Cayenne pepper, 1/2 tbs
  8. Flour, 1 – 2 tbs
  9. Breadcrumbs
  10. Vegetable oil, enough to cover around 2 inches on the pot
  11. Additional binding agent, e.g. buttermilk, or yogurt (optional). You  could just use an egg


  1. First boil the chicken hearts, scoop out the lye ? or residue from the boiled hearts, let them dry, since you don’t want to mix water and hot oil
  2. On a small bowl, pour in curry powder, salt, and pepper (you could also add soy sauce), and mix it with the chicken hearts, cover them thoroughly
  3. Prepare the breading stations, first is the mixture of flour, cayenne, and garlic powder, mix them thoroughly. Second is egg + any other binding agents, whisk them thoroughly. Last one is the breadcrumbs.
  4. Slowly, one by one, mix the chicken heart with the first breading station, then second, and lastly the breadcrumbs, place it aside on a small plate.
  5. Heat up the oil, till around 170 degrees ? I am not sure how hot it should be, but I try to maintain low – medium heat, just to avoid fire and smoke. Don’t let it be too low, or the chicken hearts will just be drenched with oil.
  6. Fry each of the heart till it’s golden brown (c.a. 3 – 5 mins), and set them aside. Pat them with cooking towels if you have any.
  7. Serve it as snacks !

Boiled chicken hearts + curry + salt + pepper

First breading station, I just rolled the hearts to cover it with flour

Breaded hearts

Finished product

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