Here’s my (previous) personal project


I wanted to create a simple but mesmerising mobile game, after graduated from my Master degree. But I decided to put everything in back burner, since I struggled to create art style and music myself (yes, I tried to code, draw, and compose everything on my own as part of the learning process).

Here’s the original prototype, which was written in Haxe. The basic idea that it’s match 3, but with a twist (well by twisting the quads)


Here’s when it’s ported to Cocos 2D-x:


An experiment with parallax scrolling, it’s kinda a pain to draw each cloud segment, for someone who doesn’t have formal education in art.


Here’s another experiment with shader,  basically I was trying to make frosted glass background for the board. But sadly that reduces the framerate from above 60 to below 30 FPS.


Here’s the last iteration of the project, before being sent to back burner. It’s supposed to play notes or chords following the key of the background music. Composing music, is very tough for me, at least for now.

Sorry, no source code nor artwork is given out, I’ve seen android developers whose works are cloned as soon as they open sourced it

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