2015 todo list

  • Save at least 200 jt this year (14000 euro)

Of course excluding my money on other account, else it would be cheating. It’s almost there, and must not be touched. Pfft, easy.

  • Cut to around 70 kg by the mid of the year …

Already 73 – 74, probably 1 – 2 months to go. Have been walking for 3 km daily with power ankles!  Now it’s 69kg on average!

  • … when it’s successful, join bouldering

Excited to literally fall down and pick myself up, and not be complacent anymore! Already at 5a level!

  • Renew my passport in May

Ugh, I don’t like Indonesian bureaucracy. Can’t be helped. Done!

  • Maybe go back and visit my family near end of the year

Maybe. Already got the flight ticket!

  • Get my German up to speed,

Some parts are getting better, some are deteriorating. Thanks to company-paid language course. Getting better, reading Spiegel, Sued-deutsche and listening to german podcast regularly now.

  • Finish my Bundle Adjustment some CV / AI / Robotics project

Probably not gonna happen, going to use PCL and other lib to do that. Maybe I’ll switch to do the semi-robotic project I always wanted. Need to get hydraulics and lego pieces. Postponed to next year

  • Get a new pair of glasses

Yeah, my eyes and glasses ain’t getting better. Maybe LASIK next year. The glasses store is literally 20 meters away from my apartment.

  • Learn to cook Indonesian food, and more soup

Finally got a mixer that can be used as blender. I can blend all those spices. At least did kangkung tumis tiram

  • Learn to play at least 60% of Waves  by the end of the year

Learned the intro, still more to go

  • Learn to play Electric Crown  by the end of March (well more or less 70% done, just need to nail the solos and rhythm correctly)

Still, more or less 70% done. Getting better. Almost there

  • Get a decent guitar, currently eyeing on Alex Skolnick’s signature model

Maybe end of March, need to find time where I can wait for the delivery.

  • Also maybe New 3DS

Got it, downloading Shin Megami Tensei IV now.

  • Start drawing again

Yeap, tons of ideas, maybe need to update my society6, and buy some of my artwork and place it in my office as promotional piece

  • Ugh, baking.

Got all the necessary tools, now just need to practice. Postponed to next year.

  • Juggle

Now I’m able to catch all the 3 beanbags, but still not as smooth as I wanted.

  • Hot air balloon ride

http://www.balloonridesbavaria.com/. Bought the ticket, flying in early 2016!

  • Get a whole arm tattoo

Dunno, bit dicey about this one. Postponed to next year

I’m very very tired, maybe I could just sleep for a whole year straight.

Post mortem:

2015 is an interesting year, where I became more physically active, and bit more experimental than usual.

  • On money matters: Don’t worry I’m good at saving. All I need is to start (value) investing in 2016.
  • On health, bouldering, etc: Still reckless. I’m doing it basically just to be competitive and get my adrenaline up everyday
  • On Computer Vision projects: I did nothing, and that’s a shame. Fuck, need to turn up a notch.

Things I wish I had done:

  • Be more aggressive, more shameless. So many missed opportunities, and opportunity costs.
  • Smoke less, my lung capacity has been decimated. Which means that I’m less driven
  • Drink less. Like I said, still reckless about the health part, it’s the sleeping part that I hate. Wasted time, wasted time.
  • Be more selective. Some people are just energy suckers.
  • Be more patient. I had none.

Things I’m glad that I have done:

  • Being frugal, always on lookout for good bargains. I love collecting money.
  • Shameless enough, to put myself in weird situation that I stand to gain more than I could lose. I gained more than what I lost
  • Check listing, what a great way to do things
  • Sports, just to make sure that I’m being competitive.
  • Complete disregard of what others have to say. They are mostly wrong anyway.
  • Still being faithful to all my heroes. Which in turn led me to  learn who Sicupira, Telles, and Lemann are. And most of you won’t even know who they are.

2016 should be the time when I be more aggressive and less lenient, hopefully. Who knows?

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