2016 todo list


Things went awry in 2015, so these depends on how I schedule my timing now.

  • Scuba diving lesson

Either this: http://www.divesport.de/muenchen/main1.html or this http://www.indoor-tauchen.de

  • Trip to Japan

Hopefully, maybe, not sure.

Might happen sooner than expected

Shooting range it is, just need some official letters from police and some research beforehand, e.g. how much to hire an instructor, etc.

  • Summer hot air balloon ride
  • Zeppelin ride (maybe)!


  • Back to swimming
  • Reached 6a level in Bouldering

Now in 5a – 5c level.

  • One hand pushup
  • Learn piano / keyboard, and finally jazz
  • Working robotic hand hopefully using lego
  • At least compose and record 1 original song.
  • Back to sharpen my Japanese

Because I don’t want any of my skills to atrophy. Plus there at least 2 Japanese at the office that I can practice with.

  • Pick up elementary Spanish on my own

Already been listening to Coffee Break Spanish during work regularly, might as well try to pick up the grammar, etc.

  • Pending stuff from 2015
  • At least 30,000 euro (448 jt rupiah)
  • Increase Kiva deposits to $600.
  • 10 – 15% body fat.

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