Added CMake / installation scripts to Three.cpp


Hurray, I just added Cmake and some bash scripts to install Three.cpp, it only works on Mac OS X though, since I don’t own a Windows PC.

Just run the build/, and it should try to install Homebrew if it’s needed, then it will install necessary libraries (e.g. glm, glfw3, etc), before running CMake, and makefile.

When the installation is done successfully, it should run a test demo that shows something like this:

2014-08-18 14_19_12


And thanks to github, I’ve created a GitHub page at:, check it out and thanks!

PS: I’m still looking for collaborators / contributors for this port though, it has kind of deviated from the original three.cs, and there’s so many interesting thing that I wanted to add, but my 3D programming skill is not the greatest.