Configuring Sublime to work with OpenCV on Mac


Sorry for the shilling, but here’s my upcoming project:

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So, I just bought Sublime Text fromĀ, which is supposed to be a very good cross platform text editor. I’ve been programming OpenCV applications using XCode, but rarely using editor or even compiling it from command line.

However, after tinkering a bit, I’ve managed to create a this built system for Sublime, which should allow you to compile and run OpenCV / C++ application from it. Just go to Tools > Build System > New Build System

My OpenCV was installed using HomeBrew, which has pkg-config information for opencv already created insideĀ /usr/Local/Cellar/opencv/2.4.4/lib/pkgconfig/, thus you can utilize pkg-config to generate the include and library flags for g++ from it.

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